The Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission Canada works around the world with people affected by leprosy, an ancient and chronic disease that has affected and frightened humans since the dawn of our recorded memory. Thanks to medical advances, we now have a cure for leprosy. For less than $400, a person can be cured of leprosy and they can also receive the additional medical care and social support they need to rebuild their life. The Leprosy Mission is always looking for volunteers and ways to spread the word. 

Canadian Women For Women in Afghanistan  

This group of amazing women started working with and for women in Afghanistan shortly after the Taliban took power there in l996. They are a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization that funds and supports grassroots women's groups on the ground in Afghanistan. Their focus is on education — supporting community schools, teacher training, libraries and literacy classes  — the kind of work that creates lasting progress. They have branches all across Canada, and are very welcoming of new members.

Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan   

These young women work alongside Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and also on their own, fundraising for projects for girls in Afghanistan. 

Street Kids International    

This group, based out of Toronto, Ontario, works with kids living on the street all around the world, assisting them to lead healthier, safer lives, and have a chance at a better future


IBBY Children in Crisis Fund     

This organization works to support kids who have been through trauma caused by war and natural disaster. They send books to children who have lost everything, and they rebuild or create libraries.